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The components of our slimming herbal pills work by stimulating metabolic processes and elevate consumption of fats by the body. The thermogenic properties of green tea extracts which elevate energy consumption, and the iodine rich Bladder Wrack seaweed which stimulates production of hormones by the thyroid gland which control the metabolism, accelerate metabolism and increase fat burning.

The extracts of Garcinia could prevent the synthesis of fats from carbohydrates and slow down the formation of new fat reserves by blocking enzymes needed for these processes. Instead of producing new fat, the body starts to burn the existing fat.

Garcinia extracts also control the feeling of hunger and appetite. Garcinia has similar effects as a suppressor of appetite. This helps endure longer periods of time without eating and so helps you keep the intake of nutrients low. Without new nutrients, the body again burns the existing deposits of fatty tissues.

Equisetum arvense has long been known and used as a powerful diuretic. It stimulates fluid excretion and urination. Getting rid of excessive liquids retained in the body helps reduce the body weight and help shape a fitter and slimmer figure.

  • Accelerating Metabolism and help in Fat
  • Burning Decreasing Absorption and Accumulation of Fat
  • Suppressing Hunger and Appetite
  • Eliminating Excessive Fluids
  • 30 Capsules.