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February 06, 2021 1 min read

Are you also having trouble finding the right condom size?
Sometimes it's too tight, sometimes it's too thick?
what penis do you have? large, small or regular?

It is no longer a problem, thanks to the famous condoms of the German brand: My.Size.
You can choose your size, or try on more than one, and see which fits best for you.

Because a right or wrong size of condom can make a lot of difference in the pleasure you get from sexual performance.


Click on your size to buy.

My size 47mm / 1.85'' Inches

My size 49mm / 1.95'' Inch

My size 53mm / 2.1'' Inches

My size 57mm / 2.25'' Inches

My size 60mm / 2.35'' Inches

My size 64mm / 2.5'' Inches

My size 69mm / 2.7'' Inches

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