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Sex Pheromones Perfume Feroman Man to Attracted Woman Magically 20ml 0.67 fl oz

WorldSxxxWide2k15 Davide&Nanou is pleased to present the

Feroman 0.67 fl oz

With Feroman you will provoke, in the opposite sex, an irresistible desire for erotic sexual contact, stimulating all their senses.

Pheromones are biological substances that have the property of activating the anterior lobe of the pituitary of the human being so that it secretes the hormones necessary to awaken in the reception of perfume, and through smell, latent sexual and libidinal stimuli.

Use it like a normal perfume, without mixing it with another.



  • Fresh and masculine touch that stimulates female desire and labido
  • High concentration of sex male pheromones
  • Increase your sex appeal, your charm
  • Increase female sex libido
  • Improves your confidence with women, to the point of attracting and arousing them
  • 100% safe, Genuine and Guaranteed



·        Brand: Eros-Art

·        Made in Spain

·        0.67 fl oz

·        Attention: results may vary from individual to individual


How to use:

A few drops for attract the women’s


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