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Fleshlight Girls Ana Foxxx Vagina Silk

Feel each of the folds and the intimate textures and curves of the famous porn actress Ana Foxxx

With a single glance at Ana Foxxx, you will have no doubts that she is a super flesh and blood model. This statuesque beauty is a native of California, and is a sweet girl with a soft voice and energetic character, bringing something extremely special to the adult entertainment business and our fleet of Fleshlight Girls.

What started out as a modeling career has grown into a more exciting and sexually rewarding career as a porn star.

On the outside, this male masturbator has the exclusive design that only Fleshlight has and that makes it the No. 1 brand of male masturbators in the world for its design

Inside, the sleeves are made of a realistic material, it is like real leather, adapting to the temperature of your body, which will provide much more realism. Its design is spectacular both inside and out. Her sleeve is an exact replica of this actress's vagina, making it a unique and super exclusive piece of pleasure.

With this masturbator you will get the best masturbation experience for men. It is as if it were a real vagina

It has two caps, a main one, which covers the outside of the sleeve, and a lower one with which you can regulate the level of pressure and therefore masturbation.

Ana Foxxx manga
Style: Vagina
Fleshlight Sensation: Silk
Easy to use and clean
Material: Superskin
Meat color

Ana Foxxx's smooth and sensational Silk Fleshlight texture is the perfect example of quality chocolate. Her powerful pussy is perfectly designed, with several intricately crafted interior chambers that squeeze and envelop the most worthy member. Dive into Ana Foxxx's delicious and sweet Fleshlight.

Fleshlight® is a world leader in the manufacture of male masturbators using molds from real people, their great qualities and qualities have given rise to a brand designed for men and their only pleasure in the world!

Customer Reviews

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mmm the black cat

It's a fantastic toy with those little bumps inside makes a really nice experience. Make it warm under hot water before to make it feel nicer when you stick it in.

Very Satisfying

I was expecting the insertion point to be smaller but when you insert your penis, she happily accommodates you quite comfortably and wraps around you quite nicely, so something smaller wasn't really needed.