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Joy-Division Bioglide Lubricants Organic Natural Water-Based Lube 17fl oz 500ML

The world’s first 100% natural lubricant!

JOYDIVISION has gathered a long experience as the European market leader in the manufacture of lubricants. One of the company's most ardent goals was to launch a product that stands out for its excellent dermatological tolerance.

This has been possible with the innovative BIOglide! BIOglide complies with the strictest demands in terms of quality standards and stands out for its high degree of dermatological tolerance, which allows use without time limitation.

An advantage for those people who often want to benefit from the excellence of this lubricating gel during love games or who require support of this type for a long time.

Some people use petroleum jelly or baby oil as a lubricant. These types of products are not suitable for this type of application, since they have not been made for use in the vagina; Some components, such as oils and fats, damage the latex of condoms and thus their degree of safety. Our advice: BIOglide is preferable - and ecologically slipping to luck!

The many advantages of BIOglide:

    • 100% organic
    • Very effective and profitable
    • Approved as a medicinal product
    • Suitable for use with a condom
    • Under permanent quality control
    • Water soluble and fat free
    • Dermatologically and clinically proven
    • Also suitable for oral sex
    • Especially gentle on the skin
    • Optimized pH value
    • With unique long-lasting lubrication properties
    • Does not stain, it is easy to remove.
    • Unisex.

    BIOglide odorless and tasteless medicated lubricant gel
Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerine, Xanthan Gum

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