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PHEROMEN Eau De Toilette Pheromones Perfume for Male Attract Female 0.5 oz 15ml

WorldSxxxWide2k15 Davide&Nanou is pleased to present the

Pheromen Perfume 0.50 fl oz. /15ml

It stimulates natural desire, stresses sensuality and contributes to a positive emotional state and mood.

Pheromones are not visible to the naked eye. They are erotic and natural aromas that have a psychological awakening effect.

With the smell of the body we unconsciously receive a special sense of a man or a woman.

Thanks to Cobeco Pheromonas Eau de Toilette tempting you stimulate desire naturally for humans.

Men have a mossy perfume, while women disperse a sweet and delicate perfume.


Davide&Nanou Recommend it:

Davide:I tried it too.

this perfume puts me at ease, gives me confidence in conversations.

I think women like this confidence, and women are very careful about the perfume we wear ... word of my wife, and she recommends it




ü Fresh and masculine touch that stimulates women desire

ü High concentration of sex male pheromones

ü Increase your sex appeal

ü Improves your confidence with women, to the point of attracting and arousing them

ü 100% safe, Genuine and Guaranteed


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