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Ryder Condoms / Condooms / Kondome / Préservatifs / Condones

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Ryder Condoms / Condooms / Kondome / Préservatifs / Condones
Go for quality and comfort with Ryder condoms.
Standard design and size, making them suitable for most men.
Ryder condom are teat-ended, for extra space at the top and are provided with lubricant for a smooth penetration.
Transparent and unflavored for extra excitement.
Adds a bit of fun to your sex life. The best choice forAnal, vaginal, oral sex games!
All Ryder condoms are CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine.
Recommended for:
Each tested condom is suitible forvaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as the condom fits properly and you use enough appropriate lubricant.

Brand: Ryder
Know as: Ryder Condoms Nature
Feautures: Regular
Color:Clear, Transparent
Flavor:Unflavored, Nature, Natural, Neutral
Material: Latex
Texture: Smooth
CondomStructure: Sleek
Lubricant:Normal, Extra lube
Shape: Anatomical, Anatomic
Thickness: Normal
Flexible: Yes
Elastic: Yes
Suitable for:Men, Man
Suitable Lubricant: Water Based
Width at base: 53mm / 2.1'' Inches
Originality: 100% Genuine guaranted
Brand Ryder
Material Latex
Thickness Normal
Structure Sleek
Taste Neutral
Lubricant Normal
Reservoir Yes
Shape Anatomical
Width 53 mm
Flexible Yes
Elastic Yes
Colour Transparent
Suitable Men
Warranty Yes
Original 100% Genuine


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