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Shunga Sea Salts Oceania Ocean Breeze

WorldSxxxWide2k15 Davide&Nanou is pleased to present the

Dead Sea Salts Bath Experience 2.6 fl oz / 75gr


They are flavored bath salts. These oriental crystals will turn the water in your bathtub into an aphrodisiac colored lake, providing you and your partner with a fantasy oasis where you can enjoy those moments of relaxation or excitement.

In this simple way you can benefit from the stimulating properties of seawater that these salts provide you.


Davide&Nanou opinion:think of diving together, for a highly hot, erotic and exciting couple's bath ..

If you have a large tub, this is an experience to try!

Unfortunately, we don't have such a big tank, so we haven't tried this product, but we recommend it anyway, because we know the sublime quality of Shunga products.

If you want to try it, let us know how it went, we would like your feedback :-)



  • increases libido levels during a sensual bath
  • increases climax during intimate relationship
  • colors the water in an erotic way, both for the body and for the mind
  • aromatizes with intense and penetrating smells, which increase the climax and the excitement will make you fly ..
  • Fragance: Exotic Fruits, Aphrodisia, Oceania Ocean Breeze, Lotus Flower


Shunga World:

To enter the erotic world of Shunga is to travel to the past. Literally translated, Shunga means "spring image", a delicate way of saying "sexual relations" between people.

This word was used to designate the Japanese erotic paintings of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, a type called ukiyo-e, which were nothing more than works on wood or parchment with sensual scenes and episodes of carnal love, always made with great care. and good taste.

Shunga art, although hidden for centuries, marked the beginning of the pornographic industry for the Japanese middle class and served for generations as a teaching for the sons and daughters of many families.

Shunga is a world leader in erotic cosmetics, its natural ingredients fused with active ingredients achieve a great result

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