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Unilatex Condoms Strawberry Flavored Oral-Sex 100% Safe

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Unilatex condoms is synonymous with quality control, they have the ISO 4074 certificate that guarantees strict controls. The Red Unilatex is a preservative of Red flavored strawberry, resistant

these famous condoms made in uk, are super cheap but also of excellent quality, compliant with European standards.

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Brand Unil@tex
Know as
Special Oral Condoms, blow job, Oral-Sex


7.3" inches / 185±5mm


Regular - Normal
Texture Smooth
Shape Straight
Material Natural Rubber Latex
Tickness 70 microns
Width at base 2.15" Inches / 54mm
  • Perfect for oral sex, blowjob, petting, couple game

Use a condom quality is to ensure a good relationship intimate.