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Vibrating Penis Ring OVO B3

B3 is a soft silky silicone ring, designed for couple's pleasure

Born in the penis during sexual intercourse, the powerful vibrations will make both parties enjoy themselves at the same time.

Comfortable and secure, the elastic ring is placed on the base of the penis (or the testicles, if desired) helping you maintain a lasting erection and delay ejaculation, while the stimulator provides precise pleasure on the clitoris.

Made of high quality silicone, respectful to the body and designed by a team of professionals, it is perfect for sensitive skin, hypo allergenic and safe for the skin!

The silicone simply feels silky and soft, giving it a realistic touch of velvety effect and also heats up quickly to match the body temperature as you play.

It fits most sizes.

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Ovo are stylish toys, in 2015 the American company with German design has relaunched its entire line of toys with more advanced, powerful engines and improving the quality of its engines, they have thoroughly reviewed every part of their interior, they continue with their own style but With a more advanced interior.
Ovo has created something totally new for demanding people, who attach importance to design and who seek beauty and perfection.

The best materials, such as silicone, the most current manufacturing techniques, in many cases unique and innovative solutions and products created and designed in Germany, guarantee a degree of production that ensures maximum quality. Proof of this is the 15 year guarantee we grant without exception to all our items.

• 117 design awards

In recent months, ovo has been awarded the most internationally recognized design awards. No other company worldwide, regardless of the industrial sector, has earned so many honors for its design achievements. These include winning 36 times the "red dot" award.