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This is our section of fragrances for men to women and man to man(gay), we try to select the best sensual perfumes, of the best quality, but also attractive neutral perfumes.
Always check this section, as we are always looking to offer new perfumes for our valued customers.
Phero Spray Perfume with Sex Pheromonoes for Men to Attract Women 0.5fl oz 15ml
12,28€ 24,95€
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Sex Spray Pheromones Perfume For Man 15ml 0.5 fl oz
11,45€ 19,99€
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PHEROMEN Eau De Toilette Pheromones Perfume for Male Attract Female 0.5 oz 15ml
11,95€ 19,99€
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Sex Pheromones Perfume Feroman Man to Attracted Woman Magically 20ml 0.67 fl oz
13,95€ 29,99€
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Pheromones Perfume Tentacion Gay 30ml / 1fl oz
99,90€ 119,90€
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Tentacion Pheromones Hetero for Him to Her 30ml / 1fl oz
99,90€ 119,99€
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Taboo Equivoque Perfume Pheromones Unisex
19,99€ 39,99€
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