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Spanish fly Love Dr Dirty Dancing 30ml

This unique product improves the sexual desire in a natural way. The drops are easily and quickly absorbed by the body to offer a sexual impulse. The balanced formula makes use of the qualities of L-arginine HCL, the main active ingredient of this product. 

L-arginine HCL stimulates the blood flow to and in the genitals, which has a positive effect on the sexual performance. Vitamin C ensures the proper function of the nervous system and provides an optimal energy supply of the body. This will benefit the physical endurance and sexual energy, which could have a positive effect on the lust.

Stimulates the sexual performance with L-arginine and Vitamin C.


  • Improves the sexual performance
  • Stimulates the erotic energy
  • Supports the inner vitality
  • Stimulates sexual desire and intimacy Spanish Love Drops

Dirty Dancing stimulates in a unique way the lust and provides that extra bit of sexual energy and optimal erotic excitement. These drops give a sexual stimulus to increase the sexual desire. For an optimal sexual performance and extra pleasure.