Potenz Erection Cream for Male 1.69 fl oz 50ml

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Potenz Erection Cream 1.69fl oz / 50ml

Cream for male erection.

Favors local dilation of the capillaries of the Member obtaining a remarkable and best erection, an increased turgor and strength, especially in cases of failure, fatigue, old, sagging. Get one greater erection is very easy with Potenz!


  • Favors local dilatation – obtain strong and hard erection
  • Increase turgor and strength
  • AID in case of sex failure, fatigue, old, sagging
  • Fragance: Neutral Natural
  • Used for: Sex & Relax, Oral, Anal and Vaginal sexual Intercourse
  • Friendly with condoms latex
  • Made in Spain


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