Wet® wOw Max O™ Clitoral Gel Tingles & Excites 15ml/0.5fl oz

Scientifically formulated to stimulate her most sensitive spot and heighten sexual pleasure for her. This thick water-based gel provides deep penetrating, warming and tingling sensations.

Available in two styles, Max O™ which provides a blend that is not only tingling and stimulating but more intense and longer lasting than the Gentle O™ formula. Intimate stimulation for arousal, like touching or rubbing, enhances the effectiveness of Wet® wOw™ and with regular use, women have been known to scream “OMG WOW” and declare a love for her partner that will last until the end of time… or at least until the tingling sensation wears off…whichever comes first.

  • Tingles & Excites
  • Up To 75 Applications Per Tube
  • Paraben & Hormone-Free