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Andropharma Vigor 4in1 boost labido sexual performance top 30tabs

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Boosting libido

  • Andropharma Vigor supplements help increase labido and stimulate sexual desire of men. Several ingredients such as maca, damiana and zinc promote testosterone production or this hormone's activity and give strength to the entire body. Testosterone is a key element for the men's sexual development. It also stimulates the maturation of spermatozoid and influences semen characteristics such as mobility.

Better sexual performance

  • Penis extender complement Andropharma Vigor helps achieve better sexual performance also because of its energizing and stimulating characteristics. Famous Asian ginseng will revitalize your entire body and increase your sexual sensitivity. Increase of the blood pressure has been observed in the penis and postponed ejaculation in some cases.

Preventing erection problems

  • Penis extender complement The inability to obtain an erection and sustain adequate for sexual intercourse may be related to blood flow in the penis. Andropharma Vigor supplement pills can improve vascularization of genitals and blood circulation in the penis which is related to reduction of the impotence or erectile dysfunction risk.

Increasing sexual confidence

  • Years of positive results show Andropharma Vigor helped numerous clients improve sexual drive and revitalize their sexual life. Better blood circulation, better quality of erections, more sexual drive and libido have given users sexual desire and more self-confidence


  • 30 Capsules