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BOBO Sucking Vibrator

It is a portable nipple sucker with powerful vibrator with multi-speed.
It is capable of sucking through a high pressure that makes the nipples erect faster and with greater pleasure.
The vibrating unit is removable so you can always keep it in perfect condition, in addition to other uses ...It includes a powerful motor connected to an adjustable speed regulator and compatible with its ON OFF control system.
You dare?

Davide&Nanou Recommend it


Bobo, although it is designed for the nipples, I have also tried it on my clitoris.
Bobo is a really great playmate, both on the nipples and on the vagina, then with the bullet vibrator, he still puts an extra touch of excitement on my body


  • Suctioner with vibration of nipples
  • Portable Bobo Nipple Pump
  • Use for: sucking your nipple and clitoral zone
  • Waterproof
  • Faster nipple erected
  • Quality at an economical price


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