Sex Spray Polar Breeze Pheromones Perfume For Man to Attracted Woman 90ml 3fl oz

Sex Spray Pheromones Perfume for Man to Woman
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Cobeco pharma presents this exclusive perfume with pheromones with an attractive aroma. Causes an irresistible effect on the opposite sex.
For a definitive seduction.
Polar Breeze has a psychological arousing effect.
Through body scent we subconsciously, receive a special feeling about a man or woman.
Thanks to Polar Breeze pheromones spread tempting scents you stimulate desire in a natural way.
Polar Breeze pheromones spread a musky scent.

How these pheromone perfumes improve
  • Self Confidence
  • Increase your Sex Appeal
  • excellent perfume, which will be very olfactory for the girl who will be near you
  • women immediately recognize the perfume a man wears
  • Brand: Cobeco
  • Bottle: 90ml / 3 fl oz
Just a few drops and women are magically attracted !.
Warning: Results may vary from individual to individual.