Drop Sex for Man and Woman 20ML

Drop Sex is a sexual enhancer for men and women, mainly comoposed of savor'y extract which helps to maintain normal sexual desire 
USEConsume 7 to 15 drops in any kind of drink 30 minutes before the sexual activity 
The savory of the mountains is a plant from the mediterranean's basin to which are attributed many virtues such as aphrodiascs virtues. Since antiquity savory is considered as a powerful sexual stimulant. Less known than ginger savory has the reptation to awaken desire and boost the libido. It can helps to maintain control over ejaculation, desire for menopause and stimulation of sexual activity for men and women.
  • Savory contributes to normal maintenance:
  • Sexual desire
  • Tonicity of body and energy
  • for 3 ml (60 drops, maximum daily dose): Aqueous extract 
  • of savory 69.4% [savory (Satureja Montana) leaf 104 mg],
bulking agent: vegetable glycerin E422, preservatives: 
  • potassium sorbate E202, benzoate Sodium E211, acidifier: 
  • citric acid E330, water.