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Chocolate intense perfume aphrodisiac Eros Art 20cc

Chocolat "eros-art" perfume is a fragrance with notes of chocolate Brazil and Ambergris, combined with a body of caramel and musk. It is a fragrance different, full of sensuality and eroticism able to carry you through abysses of maximum exaltation of a libido... 

PERFUME CHOCOLAT "eros-art" is a perfume created for women and men, who takes care of the nuances and small details that integrates the body, sensual, emotional side of the woman and the man of today. A new way to seduce that arouses a voracious sexual appetite; It's original, very sensual and fun. 

Very suitable for surprise and erotizar in the intimate couple games and achieve maximum pleasure. It is very exciting and aphrodisiac, is a sexual stimulant for both, and... get carried away by the enchanting aroma that intensify the senses so that your sexual relations are much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Apply to areas of the body that you want, never mix it with another perfume; Its aroma will lead you, irresistibly through abysses of erotizante frenzy, and will be, then, when you will experience a new and intense pleasure, and that will never forget. 

  • Container 20 cc.