Sugar Magic Very Sweet Perfume For Women Sexy and Exciting 0.67 fl oz 20ml


WorldSxxxWide2k15 is pleased to present theSugar Magic

Perfume for Woman to seduce Man


A cotton candy perfume that transports us to our past with passions, follies and fun. An exquisite and very appetizing aroma that will make us feel that time does not pass for us; a fragrance of youthful freshness very attractive to awaken memories and wishes.

A perfume that will make you feel and live new forgotten experiences!

Perfumes to Seduce, Exalt, Eroticize, Play and, above all, perfumes that "Make You Feel".


  • Increase your sex appeal.
  • Increase your confidence with men.
  • Sweet cotton candy scent
  • helps to be more seductive and sensual, such a perfume certainly does not go unnoticed
  • 100% Safe, Genuine and Guaranteed

Guaranteed by me, Davide of WorldSxxxWide2k15, this perfume on the woman's skin is really exciting :-)

  • Buy safely, we are professional sellers.

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