Geisha Ben Wa Balls Silver Shades Pelvic Floor Training

Product Description:
They are Chinese balls of wine, that will provide you with a special pleasure, that you will feel inside your vagina or anus.
"He pushed my legs away, allowing him full access to my vagina. I started to gasp the moment I felt like I was putting a cold ball inside of me. What are you doing? I asked almost breathless. They are called Chinese balls, he told me sliding another ball inside my body.
It helped me to get up and I gasped again when I felt the balls move and collide with each other inside me.
By the time I was standing, my breathing was short but calm and my erect nipples felt under my dress ... "
They can be used throughout the day, while developing your usual activity. When the vagina is stimulated, it naturally lubricates with its secretions, dilates and is prepared for a more pleasant relationship.
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