Love Premium Rose Petals Purple Romantic Sexy for Intimate Massage Couple Games

WorldSxxxWide2k15 Davide&Nanou is pleased to present the

Love Premium Rose Petal Purple 170 Petals

Surprise your partner, spread the rose petals on the bed or fill a lovely warm bath and let the rose petals float on the water
create the ultimate romantic atmosphere


Davide&Nanou Recommend it:

As you can see from the photo, on some occasions we also use them, especially for romantic weekends. We haven't tried them in the bathtub yet, do you want to try them with your partner? we look forward to your feedback :)
Doesn't Nanou look so sexy with the bed sprinkled with rose petals?
Your wife or girlfriend may be too.
Seeing is believing



  • increases libido levels during a sensual massage
  • increases climax during intimate relationship, love & sex
  • use for: Stimulant massage for both, her&him couple
  • Super slippery Massage Oil


170 Petals

Color: Purple

Material: 100% Polyester


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