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Pasante Condoms Tropical Flavored Fruits Mixed

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Pasante Condoms Tropical

Pasante Tropical are colored condom, teat ended, straight sided and natural rubber latex condoms with tasty tropical lubricant
Condoms come in 3 sweet tropical tastes: Pineapple, Coconut and Mango for extra exotic excitement fun.
Try it with a oral sex
Adds a bit of fun to your sex life. The best choice for Oral, Vaginal and Anal sex games!
All Pasante condoms are CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine.
Recommended for:
Each tested condom is suitible for vaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as the condom fits properly and you use enough appropriate lubricant.

  • Brand: Pasante
  • Know As: Fruits, Pleasurefruits, Pleasure fruits
  • Features: Regular
  • Shape: Straight
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Size: Regular
  • Color: Yellow, Red, White
  • Flavor: Pineapple, Coconut, Mango
  • Material: Natural rubber Latex
  • Thickness: 70 microns
  • Lenght: 190+5mm / 7.5'' Inches
  • Width at base: 53mm / 2.1'' Inch
  • Originality: 100% Genuine and Guaranteed

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