Allure Musk Fragances Perfume With Pheromones for Him Very Strong 0.2 fl oz 6ml

WorldSxxxWide2k15 is pleased to present theAllure Musk

Pheromones perfume for Men’s to attract Woman

These pheromone perfumes, will make you feel good about yourself, and more confident about you, and we men know very well, that women are attracted to self-confident men, or am I wrong?

is an aphrodisiac perfume with musk fragrances.

The perfume comes in a very stylish pen, which you can always take with you everywhere.


  • Increase your sex appeal.
  • Increase your confidence with women, to the point of attracting and arousing them.
  • excellent quality of musk perfume
  • 100% Safe, Genuine and Guaranteed

my wife, Nanou, approves, this perfume intrigues :-)

  • Buy safely, we are professional sellers.