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Saninex Condoms Delay Retardant Tea 6-12-20-35-50

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Enjoy of sex in save way with the high quality Saninex aromatics, dotted and retardant tea preservatives. Because with time, all is possible. 


  • 100% electronically tested.
  • Transparent surface with deposit.
  • Aromatics Preservatives. 
  • High lubrication 
  • Dotted preservatives
  • New super elastic latex, exclusive design and composition of Saninex Europe.
  • Color of latex, clear Crystal glitter.
  • Measurement: 
    • Width: 0,030mm length
    • Length 190mm
    • Diameter 54mm 
  • Extra lubricant 600mg

Saninex condoms are made with last technologies. Quality nº1. New latex is super elastic, ultra resistant, exclusive design and composition